What Are FUNDecks?

FUNDecks are a real playable deck of cards. Each FUNDeck has 56 cards that feature the best local restaurants and other fun spots around. Each fun spot is represented by a different card in your FUNDecks!

The cards in the deck are coupons that can be used up to four times a year throughout your Four Seasons of Fun. Restaurant cards are worth up to $10 off your order at participating restaurants. Other cards offer two admissions for the price of one, etc. Altogether, that's up to $2,000 in value in each FUNDeck!

FUNDecks are a fun and innovative way for restaurants and other fun spots to promote their business. People really love their FUNDecks because the cards encourage them to try new places. Can't decide where to go out tonight? Pick a card!

How Do FUNDecks Work?

The best part is that you can promote your business in FUNDecks for free! There is no upfront cost to restaurants and other fun spots to participate in FUNDecks.

FUNDecks are marketed and sold directly to the public. The costs of producing FUNDecks are covered by customers who purchase the decks. Either through fundraising events, at participating outlets, purchasing them online, or supporting the DREAMaps program.

Customers buy the decks because of the savings. Card offers up to $10 off at some of the best local restaurants around.

All you have to do is honor the discount at your restaurant or business from paying customers throughout the entire expiration date!