Learn the Benefits of Joining FUNDecks!

Reach new customers by promoting your business with FUNDecks this year!

What Can FUNDecks Do?

FUNDecks can literally reach thousands of prospective customers in your local and surrounding areas. A big part of our marketing is to Schools, Sports Teams, Charities, Benefits, Churches and other types of fundraisers. FUNDecks can be used by hundreds of people to raise thousands of dollars for their causes.

How Do FUNDecks Work?

The best part is that you can promote your business in FUNDecks for free! There is no upfront cost to restaurants and other fun spots to participate in FUNDecks.

FUNDecks are marketed and sold directly to the public. The costs of producing FUNDecks are covered by customers who purchase the decks.

Either through fundraising events, at participating outlets, purchasing them online, or supporting the DREAMmaps program.

Customers buy the decks because of the savings. The card offers unique deals to offer at some of the best local businesses around.

All you have to do is honor the discount at your restaurant or business from paying customers throughout the entire expiration date!

The sign-up process can be done within minutes by clicking the "Join FUNDecks Now" button.

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What Do You Get? ​

  • You get a beautifully designed full-color playing card with your logo boldly displayed.

  • You get a fine print area for your terms and conditions.

  • You get to support your local communities and schools through their fundraising efforts.